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Home Staging Checklist … Know How To Stage A Home

Home staging checklist helps you evaluate the appeal your home has for potential buyers.  A proven method to sell a home quickly in any real estate market.


Benefits For Using Home Staging Checklist

Home buyers are extremely concerned about their stuff. They have furniture, home entertainment systems, gadgets, etc. They immediately want to know if all of their possessions can fit into the new house.

If the house is cluttered? By clutter we mean those family pictures, nick knacks on tables and shelves, excess furniture.  You get the picture. It is very hard to situate your material possessions visually when the spaces of a house with furniture and clutter.  A home buyer won’t be able to see how their own things will fit into the house.

When staging your home, you want to bring out the homes’ charm and character. As a result, potential buyers will really think that your property is the best in the market. We will cover the steps needed to properly stage any home at home staging and design.

As the home owner your job is to make the best presentation possible because you want the home buyer to quickly visualize how your home will meet their needs and wants.

Home staging is not rocket science, but does need some attention, your time, and financial resources. Often, home repairs are the most expensive of all the stages in properly staging a house. You can use our home staging checklist to assess your property.

You want the most number of people to visit your property, right? If you do, then you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what home staging does. It creates a buzz.

Home staging generates a talking point for people who are in the market for a new home. Expect more people to visit your home just because of staging.  The trend now staged homes brings more buyers to look at your home.

This reference can be used for any house, regardless of the place.  A reminder,  that like other DIY projects, you need to focus on what is happening in the project so that you’ll be successful in the end.

What Does Your Home Look Like?

This is a simple enough question… what does your home look like? When asked, most property owners believe that their houses are in satisfactory condition. However, there might be some deferred maintenance that needs attention. That might be true for you, but will other people say about the condition of your home?  You might be surprised.

Someone who has no personal attachment to your home will likely see things that your may overlook.

Home Staging Checklist

Take some time to evaluate your home using this simple home staging checklist.

1. Look at your house from a distance. Walk to the street and look at your house from there. Take notes about what you observed by just looking at your home from the distance.

2. When you see your home from any angle or from any distance, write down the negative aspects of your property and house. What could buyers see in your property that could deter them from making a quick decision to buy your home at the price you want?

Write down everything that you see. It’s better to have excess information than too little.

3. When you’re done examining your property from the outside, go inside your house and slowly walk from room to room. With your trusty notebook, write down everything you think could be buyer deterrents.

A buyer’s critical eye will catch those large cracks on the wall or as small as the awful, musty smell in a basement that hasn’t been de-humidified lately.  Note everything; leave nothing behind. Again, you can always pare down the list later, when you do a second check of your home using the home staging checklist.

What Home Buyers Look For In A Home

According to recent statistics, the following home staging checklist items improvements to a home are most desired by home buyers:

  1. The house is very clean.
  2. Clutter in all its forms has been removed from the home.
  3. Rooms and spaces in the home are well-lit, and the surroundings looks bright and fresh.
  4. The house looks livable.
  5. The yard has been landscaped.
  6. Electrical wiring is in good working condition.
  7. Plumbing system is working well.
  8. Leaks and other problems in the plumbing system have been repaired.
  9. Old carpeting has been removed and replaced.
  10. Usable carpeting has been cleaned and shampoo well.
  11. The interior of the home has a new coat of paint.
  12. The exterior of the house has been painted, too.
  13. Flooring of the house has been inspected thoroughly, and any broken areas have been fixed.
  14. The kitchen has been repaired and updated to reflect newer styles.
  15. The bathroom has also been fixed and has been updated to reflect newer styles and tastes.

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Home Staging Checklist … Know How To Stage A Home

We would like you to give us some feedback. What did you learn that will make you successful in staging your home? Thank you.

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